The MoiHaHa Years

Starting in the late 80's Dave's touring schedule took him through DORKVILLE once in the Fall, and again a few months later in the Spring, and he would visit BLURKSOUND Studio, for a marathon BBQ Party / Recording Session that sometimes would last a week or more.

The fall visit would usually be composition and raw tracks, with the spring devoted to finishing touches and mixdown. This tradition continued through the 90's and up to the present day........

At first with only a mono sound-on-sound AKAI reel-to-reel, then bouncing in stereo between the reel-to-reel and a cassette deck before eventually aquiring a Fostex Four-track, theEARLofSWIRL and Cooper did thousands of hours of audio experimentation, overdubbing all the parts(although many guests stumbled by over the years). Anything went - no idea was considered too strange, no concept too far-fetched, no sacred cow...

..immune from ridicule....


"Drunken ethnic polka-band? Sure!         "Alternative-punk noodling?" ain't no thang!

"Epic eighties hair rock?" hmmmm. can fake it if needed! "Funky Island-Jam-rock?" wait, what?

Bill Cooper Drums Vocals Percussion

Paul Caron Drums Vocals Percussion

Chris P Bacon Rhythm Guitar Vocals

Al Cairns Snare Vocals Percussion

(Benta Cairns & Joyce Cooper appear on "If The Sock Could Talk")

The Blurk Enhancement
(a.k.a. "The GUISE" a.k.a. "The CREEPBEATS")

Andre Charlebois-vocals/percussion, Ted Willmore-vocals/percussion,  

Doug McNeil-guitar/bass/trombone/vocals,

N.J. Burr-tuba,drums,bass,keyboard,vocals, 

Jackson Drobko-sax/bass/keys/vocals,

Dan Ryan-hesitant guitar/vocals, 

Roy Dullard-sortasax,  Rick Baylog-guitar,   Grieg Olivier - hair guitar

The Keith McFarlane Boys Choir                                 

Dave Cooper, Bill Cooper, Jack Cooper, Ken Blurk, ED the LAW, Stan Gojkovitch, Charlie Bowers, Bob Loblaw, and the Dingus-son Bros-Kevin & Gary, Darryl Hamm, 'Hurricane' Ron Harris.....

more info available at the human interference project


Driftfish from 1994- on the archival CD "CLOACA MAXIMA"



Take the 'eh' Train 

Cloaca Maxima    


The Grey Album 

THE BLURKS LIVE! Bill Cooper, theEARLofSWIRL, & Dave rock out "Piscatore Macaroni" at Spooter's Lounge, 2000

MoiHaHa Records

"After 'DRIFTFISH' finishes, check out Coop's hot licks on the

Willie Dixon classic, a la BLURKS"..... 

live from "The Pitt" in Dorkville


great steaming piles of these recordings are available at;   


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