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Pino Palladino

Gregg Dechert

John Sloman

Dixie Lee

Dave Cooper

After moving to Kitchener, he met a keyboard player named GREGG DECHERT. They formed a group called NASTY HABITS and gigged locally. Dave then got the call to join PULSAR, which had PINO PALLADINO (THE WHO bassist), JOHN SLOMAN  &  DIXIE LEE (the singer and drummer from LONE STAR) and brought Gregg along with him. "Unfortunately the three British members never got their visa working papers together and they had to go back to England").

Inside Out_PULSAR_eqd.MP3

Dave, Gregg, Bob, Dave Hawes, & Jody Linscott

(percussionist for Elton John, Mike Oldfield, Eric Clapton )

Living for Today_PULSAR_hardlimitboost.MP3

A few years later Gregg  returned to Canada after touring with DAVID GILMOUR and BAD COMPANY. He and Dave started PRISONER, and played a regular house gig in Oshawa, and Port Perry. "It was a great band until Gregg developed nodes on his throat and we all had to wait for several months for him to heal, but the band never did reform. I had enough, I put my guitar in it's case, slammed the lid and didn't play again for two years, the strings were covered in rust when I opened the case finally".

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No Return_PULSAR_eqd.MP3



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