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Flyer & Promotional Art Gallery

Most of the live band photography on this site taken by MICHAEL ROY

This is one of many flyers designed for the band by Benta Cairns

"This was a wild gig at the Ridout in London....Pat Mooney and I were backing up Jasper, the bass player for the Battered Wives.

The opening band had Terry and Gary from MAX WEBSTER

Jasper tried to stiff the Sound Guy, and got chased all around the bar with a lead pipe ! We all F'd off rapidly...."

tBork diptych "flashbacks"


"Captain Cooper on Mars"

"Make Mine A Triple"

"Eye of the Storm"


prints available at Susan's site


"Paging Captain Cooper"

"Spaghetti Soul"

Front and Back CD artwork on

"Captain Cooper Sings?" is YUNEEKPIX

After playing for a Cabbagetown street dance,we snapped this photo in front of an anonymous doorway there- Toronto....


what's it to ya?

MoiHaHa  promotional graphics

Wetpaint homepage graphic



"Wings Up"

"Happy Landings"

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